The Brew Tour

Yesterday was the longest stretch of my journey. 735 miles to Rapid City from Dubuque. That’s a lot of Wall Drug signs. But it’s easy peasy from here on out as long as the weather cooperates. An inch of snow snuck in last night combined with high winds making the roads really shitty.

On the plus, the extra hour of gained mountain time allowed me to call a taxi and head over to Hay Camp Brewing Company and Lost Cabin Beer Company, before they closed at 10 last night. Both breweries had their own whiskey style beer, among many others. Being a former Rye guy, I had to try them.

My first pint was the “Barrel Aged Lord Grizzly Scotch Ale” at Lost Cabin Brewing Company Rightly named since it had an impressive 10.1% ABV. Aged in wooden whiskey barrels, I could taste the hint of bourbon. And cheers to the guy who played a mix of Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

The first thing you notice upon walking into Hay Camp Brewing are the old wooden frames along the bar in the tasting room. They were pulled out of an old mine in Lead. Very cool. For my first beer at Hay Camp, I chose the “The Lacto-Hand-Rye-Coordination,” based on a sample I had. Love the name. It had the Rye going on in spades, but again, it didn’t overpower the deep roasted chocolate taste. Also of note was their Victory Stout which was more like a Guinness but with a subtle smokey flavor.

I love the fact that these microbreweries are always experimenting. Always trying to take it to the next level to improve their products in unique ways. Having the beer making process on site, also allows them to trial and error with their customers. The staff were friendly at both, and the vibe of Rapid City as a whole, was ever cool as usual.

I tried grabbing a late night bite at the local Perkins, but the staff had all come down with a sickness and there was a 30 minute waiting list not to mention a sick coughing chef in the kitchen, so I settled with leftovers from the cooler. Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night.

Next on the list is Crow Peak Brewing in Spearfish, before I cross into Wyoming.


Author: Neil

When you're young, you don't have any experience - you're charged up, but you're out of control. And if you're old and you're not charged up, then all you have is memories. But if you're charged and stimulated by what's going on around you, and you also have experience, you know what to appreciate and what to pass by -Neil Young.

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