The Ew.

The arcade at Pearl Street Brewing in La Crosse, Wisconsin, reminds me of an arcade close to where I lived as a kid called the “Electric Wizard” or “Ew,” as the locals called it. It had all the 80’s classics, but getting a chance to play could be difficult. The Ew was full of 13-16 year old men, and they didn’t like us little kids on their turf. The local arcade king and aspiring badass was a rebel named Mike, who had everything to do, with not having anything to do, with what anyone wanted him to do. When Mike wasn’t furthering his education at school (which was never) he was either high as a giraffe, in juvenile detention or advancing his scholarly career at the Ew. Being his friend simply meant you were entitled to giving him cigarettes and quarters – a mobster style association that granted you protection from him yanking your underwear over your head or smearing snot on your gaming screen while you were in the midst of saving the world in Defender. Not sure where Mike is today but it probably involves a six by eight room. On a positive note, Mike inattentively taught me how not to be a dickhead. ✌️ NP

Author: Neil

When you're young, you don't have any experience - you're charged up, but you're out of control. And if you're old and you're not charged up, then all you have is memories. But if you're charged and stimulated by what's going on around you, and you also have experience, you know what to appreciate and what to pass by -Neil Young.

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